On Top of The Earth – A Movie Review

Recently, I watched a mini-movie titled ‘On Top Of The Earth’. It is one of those French movies that I liked to watch. This is an 11-minute mini French movie, which is quite simple yet it showed an unusual relationship between two persons. In this movie, a college girl has a boyfriend and a girlfriend as well. The college girl is very comfortable and feels secure when in the company of her girlfriend, but the opposite feeling when in the company of her boyfriend. At first, she is baffled whether she loves her girlfriend more or she loves her boyfriend. Eventually, she realizes that her girlfriend would give her more comfort and security in life than her boyfriend. Towards the end, the scenes gradually rolled over as the girl just left her boyfriend and goes to live with her girlfriend.


What did I learn from this mini-movie?

Human relationship is a very complicated issue, and we all need to tackle with it with our heart and mind. It is all about comfort, understanding, security, adjustment, and compatibility between two individuals, irrespective of any sex.


What I think is – generally, we, straight people would think weird about a couple of the same sex – like two girls or two boys living together. We may think why they would live together and what makes them happy. They too are human beings with the same feelings as we have. We do things in life, which seems awkward for other people.

God’s Timing

linkedin background image 2

Hey! Ti’s God’s timing

Don’t you see this?

When things went bad

Everything went bad


You hated that person

Cause’ he hurt you

You didn’t feel like doing anything

Cause’ your mind blocked

Hey! Ti’s God’s timing


You just failed in your career

Cause’ you lacked confidence

Others’ wished to rise

Cause’ you helped them rise

Hey! Ti’s God’s timing


When things went good

Everything went good

Don’t you see this?

Hey! Ti’s God’s timing

Naked Truth: Duplicity and Word Count Attacks

Writers Image

Surprisingly, worldwide writers have created and are still creating countless website contents and blog articles at a faster rate. Why, everyone loves to read and stay on the internet for longer periods.

However, no one cares if freelance writers repeat the same information on the web in varied forms and ways. The result is that duplicity occurs no matter how an article on the web is a ‘unique’ and ‘plagiarism free’ one.

Another horrifying fact is a word limit. A standard word limit for an article or an essay is 500 words (around one page) or 750 words. Most of the online entrepreneurs dealing with writing and editing industry would never accept an article if a freelance writer delivers it in 250-300 words, which was supposed to be a 500-word article.

Nobody should have any objection if the work-from-home writer conveyed her or his thought and delivered the relevant information in fewer words. A common thought is, if an online writer delivers a more worded article, readers would engage themselves for longer periods, than an article of fewer words.

What matters most is how a writer has expressed his or her views or thoughts on an event or an area of concern and what new information is in store for a reader.

Some online writers or marketers became content curators to save online users’ time. They pick out all the best web content and flush out the duplicate or the dull ones. They research enough to present the unique content to the world.  Duplicate websites and blogs have no decent values and dignities.

A small request to all the web writers and bloggers – no duplicate information and no worded articles, please.

“Those Hurdles that I Dwelt with…”

mountains 1

Those hurdles that I dwelt with

Are like mountains and hills

Those stand still with their hard rocky surfaces


The mountain is indeed so hard and rigid

Not wanting to give in or to bow down

And not to submit self at any cost


Such are my hurdles as hard and rigid

As those mountains that stand still

Not wanting to give in or to bow down


But, you know what!

As the saying goes,

‘If there is a will, there is certainly a way!’


Such willingness is there in my heart

That would make every hurdle to break

And should break those that I dwelt with


Those willingness with some devotion that are there in my heart

That I should work with my diligent efforts

To overcome those that I dwelt with

“Set aside all Your Failures; Let Your Accomplishments to lead ahead.”

This thought is very true if you think with a positive mind and a willing heart. We do have a sensitive feeling when we see and hear others’ success as oppose to our unexpected failure. We become vulnerable and start thinking something bad about the person. We even curse and blame them for the cause of our failure. We begin to hurt our emotions. Sometimes, we corrupt our minds by planning something destructive.

For instance:

“She must have studied the whole night or have been tutored well in order to get good scores than I have.”

“The boss likes her a lot. Hence, she got the promotion so easily.”

“How dare he win the race? I am sure he must be taking some steroids.”

“All my colleagues are jealous of my capability.”

“The boss has approved his request, as he is the boss’ distant relative.”

“He must be having some special diet. Hence, his performances were flawless.”

“He must have bribed the head of the department. Now, he enjoys his position.”

Sometimes, we feel so low and start underestimating our qualities. Emotions like hatred, depression, distress, etc. start controlling our minds and heart if we are too late in judging ourselves right.

For instance:

“My parents didn’t give much attention to me, and hence I failed in my exam.”

“I am no good! I am nothing!”

“He must have bribed the teacher during the class performances, so got the highest scores.”

“He is jealous of my seniority. He must have buttered up the boss to approve his application.”

“I failed because none of my colleagues like me much.”

Just think! All these thoughts and feelings lead to further failure and destruction, instead of moving towards the success. Therefore, always keep a clean and positive heart and mind. Do not give any chance to your negative thoughts and feelings to have an upper hand of yourself.

Rather, think about the little success you have achieved in your day-to-day life.

  • Think about how your parents have applauded you when you graduated with good scores!
  • Think about the day when your colleagues have congratulated you when you first completed your project work.
  • Recall the days when your boss had appreciated your work and had guided you well.
  • Remember those days when you worked very hard on your project and got the award for the completion!
  • Recall the time when you were promoted for your good deed.
  • Last but not the least, remember the times when your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, and bosses have helped and guided you in your studies and work at some stage of your life.

Failure comes to all. Remember this! But, to shun all your failures only to pay more attention to your accomplishments should be your main purpose in your life. You need to heed your little success and accomplishment first, and that will take you to another paradigm and dimension. Yes, the dimension of real success – you should prepare your mind and heart for that. So, do not hesitate to take in the positive thoughts and emotions and throw away all your negative feelings about others. It is guaranteed that you will kiss the height of your success one day!



Some of My Reflections…

happy moments


To reflect is to look at your own self 


To reflect is to look back

At your mistakes, not your triumph,

cause one triumph equals hundred mistakes


To reflect is to peep inside your consciousness;

What you’ve failed, what you’ve achieved

Set aside all your failures, let your accomplishments to lead ahead


To reflect is to reconcile with what you have and can do,

And not to regret what you don’t have and can’t do,

cause reconciliation is all what you wish for


To reflect is to feel what others feel

If that so, you’ll have better comprehension;

Give no chance for a bad connection

To ever settle between you and me


To reflect is to be true to your own self

cause you know better what and who you really are.

Leave behind all your lies you’ve said and done,

Be ready to volunteer for a healthy start and a better future


The First Thought for the Word – PEEL

WHAT IF – we could PEEL Off our outer dead skin only to reveal our new baby skin. Then, we wouldn’t have worried about our pimples, blemishes, dull, and dry skin (not even worrying about waxing – Right?).


WHAT IF – we could PEEL Off our negative thoughts, feelings, and bad memories only to reveal our good emotions and thoughts to others.


Just A Few Thoughts…


Just A Few Thoughts!


There can be hundreds of ways to be happy and content.

Seek those and make each day a happy and content one.


Just think about those thousands of emotions that a woman can express.

Express those freely and let others recognize them, as you are special.


There are millions of women who are sad and distress.

Seek those women and give them a message of hope and love.


There can be billions of thoughts to say things to others.

Seek those and say to others, ’cause this is one life that one gets.


Above all, let each day a memorable one.